For this assignment, I would like you to pick a documentary about food and health and write me a paper on it.
STEP 1: Pick ONE of the following documentaries. These talk about little-known facts about food and health in our society. Often, they are related to industries that make money off of consumers. Use what you have learned in this module about motivation, lifestyle, and health to evaluate the information as you watch the films.
1) Seaspiracy (Links to an external site.)
Explains how the fishing industry works and how it affects your health. Netflix.
2) The Game Changers (Links to an external site.)
Health and athletic performance as it relates to food consumption. Netflix.
3) Cowspiracy (Links to an external site.)
4) What the Health (Links to an external site.)
If you do not have Netflix, here are some FREE YouTube documentaries you can choose to watch instead:
5) Earthlings: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
6) Dominion (Links to an external site.): (Links to an external site.)
Critical Thinking Learning Moment: If graphic images upset you, think about why that is. Is it the fault of the documentary uncovering what you have not seen before or is it the fault of the meat industry and consumers supporting them? Why do you feel upset by the images? Is it cognitive dissonance (Links to an external site.)?
STEP 2: Write a 700+ word paper on the topics the documentary covers and how it is related to health and morality in our society. Tell me what you find surprising, interesting, and relevant from the documentary. Explain why you should care or not care about the topics.
I want to know what you think about the ideas in the documentary. All these documentaries have evidence to back up their points. If you decide to argue against a point made in one of the documentaries, you must cite evidence from a credible source to provide support for your argument. Only credible and reliable sources that do not have a vested interest to have biased information are acceptable in your paper. Avoid using only anecdotal evidence in your paper that is not supported by science.
Check your word count! If you do not meet the 700+ words, you need to spend more time and effort on the paper. Good deeper in your writing. Watch more than 1 documentary and take notes to get more content to put down on your paper if necessary.
STEP 3: Use the APA format (Links to an external site.) to cite the source and use a References page in APA style (Links to an external site.). See instructions for that in Module 1.
STEP 4: Always use (Links to an external site.) or other proofreading resources before you submit your work. This is a good habit to have as a professional or student.
STEP 5: Submit a PDF with the file name “Last name, First name_Assignment 5” and save it in your “Psy 101” folder on Google Drive. This is the most professional way to name a file and you will need to do this in the future when you apply for jobs in your career.