Please refer to the Media Analysis project for information on how to write this essay.
Good Morning,
My professor asked me to choose only one form of media that I use on a daily basis, and I chose TikTok. He asked us to keep a journal for nine weeks about how and why we use it, as well as answer a few questions each time we use it. He wants us to write an essay about it now that I’ve finished my journal.
I’ll tell you some of my important journal details that must be included in my essay so you don’t have to look for them.
I used the following locations: bed, behind my desk, gym, and Starbucks to go to TikTok.
36 hours total use in 9 weeks. In a week, I used it for 4 hours. Total time spent per day: 34 minutes.
I usually use it right after I wake up. Sometimes before falling asleep at night, and sometimes during my study break.
Why do I use it? When I’m feeling down and have a lot on my mind, I always open TikTok. It’s as if I’m running away from my problems. I enjoy watching funny videos, dancing, love stories, organizing, and traveling. It’s all because I’m a full-time student and can’t do anything, can’t go anywhere, or can’t hang out with my friends. I’m always alone. I believe that by going to TikTok and watching these videos, I can escape for a few minutes from my stressful, difficult life.
Identify your patterns: (You may insert wherever you wish; he will not read my journal.)
The only negative aspect is that I sometimes lose track of how long I’ve been on Tiktok, which prevents me from doing my work.
I’ll also attach my journal here.
It was critical for him to write about myself (my feelings), rather than TikTok.
It is critical to include data in the essay.