Please submit your paper in .Doc or .Docx format by clicking on the “Submit Assignment” link in the upper right part of this page. Please do not use any other format and do not submit your paper via Google docs.
This program checks for originality (to avoid plagiarism). If you have problems posting your paper, please email your paper to me (Canvas inbox) and I will post it for you.
While composing your paper save your document frequently and create a back-up (for example, you can email it to yourself in Canvas or send it to your personal email).
Please also post a copy of your paper in the Discussions folder titled “Position Paper Discussions Folder” (see link on our Modules page X), so that your classmates can read and critique your paper.
The Critiques
Please see the Critiques link on our Modules page (Module X) for more information about the critique.
Position Paper Length
Your paper should be an approximately 1,500 word position paper (the word count is merely a guideline; it can be a bit shorter or longer, as long as your paper has substance and you adequately support your position). The purpose of the paper is to facilitate your learning about a specialized economics topic as well as to help you become a better writer and critical thinker.
Your paper should be a position paper; in other words, you are to defend a position (a stance, or opinion) on an economic issue. Your position should include a recommended policy course of action, such as “We Should Simplify the United States Tax System”. For example, you may support the adoption of a national consumption tax to replace our current income tax system. Be sure to present several clear arguments in defense of your position. In addition, include arguments that opponents of your position commonly present and then address these arguments (either point out their flaws, or admit that they are pretty good arguments, but that the advantages of your position outweigh the advantages of the opposition’s side). Choose a topic, which is different from one you have used for a similar assignment in another class. Also, make sure it has two debatable sides. A topic, such as: “We should encourage a higher standard of living” is not appropriate, because it does not have two sides (who would not want a higher standard of living?). “The effects of terrorism on the world economy” is also not appropriate, because it is a descriptive paper and not a position and a recommended course of action. Once you have selected a topic, please post your topic in the Discussions folder Position Paper Topics (in Module X), so that no two students choose the same topic (first come first serve).