*Please use just attached files as source and don’t heve to be MLA format. Following is the direction of this assignment.
This is your weekly Ethics Journal. Other students cannot access your journal.
You are expected to make weekly entries by the due dates found in the Course Schedule. You will earn a single grade for the entire journal at the end of the course. Journals will be graded based on the timeliness and quality of thought evidenced in each entry.
Note: Superficial entries that do not reflect serious thought and interaction with the course material for each learning unit will not earn high grades. Late entries, missing entries, posting numerous entries at the end to catch up, and failing to follow the instructions will negatively impact your grade.
“What should I put in my journal entries?”
Your task in this journal is to create, for each assigned learning unit, a new entry that presents your own moral-philosophical positions on the topics of that learning unit.
Content of Each Entry: Each entry must include your interaction with the major concepts of that learning unit, demonstrating that you have worked through and understood the assigned material.
Do not simply restate the material, but interact with it, identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as explaining and defending your own perspectives on the major topics (e.g., moral objectivism vs. relativism, utilitarianism vs. Kantianism, etc.). Take a stand on the topics being discussed and explain why you hold to specific views, defending them using the tools for ethical analysis presented in Learning Unit 2.
See each learning unit for any instructions specifically for that learning unit’s journal entry. If no specific instructions on the topic are found, then you are to interact with the content of learning unit as described above. (Note: Please do not ask what should be in your journal entries. This is explained above. You are not told exactly what to say, because it is your journal. Simply ensure you are interacting with the major concepts in the unit.
The title of each entry should be the learning unit for that entry. For example, “Learning Unit 1,” “Learning Unit 2,” etc. Also, clearly identify the topics you are discussing by using bold topic headings, including a blank line to separate paragraphs, etc. Each entry should be about 250 words (about one page). This is a minimum. If you need to go over that number of words, that’s fine. Your entry must contain complete sentences and be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.