Project 3: Social Institutions and Stratification (focus on the Intersectionality of Gender,
Race/Ethnicity, and Class)
C. Maynard Sociology 101
Topic: How does the culture of a social institution and the socialization processes of its
members and/or participants influence and shape equitable or inequitable practices and/or
policies around social stratification by class, race/ethnicity, and/or gender (pay close attention
to the intersectionality of these three categories).
1- Select one social institution to focus your analysis
a. Family or Education
b. Economy or Government
c. Religion or Health/Environment
2- Review comprehensively the content of that institution in our Moodle course page
3- Identify the cultural (learned behavior over time) and socialization (people influence of
others) processes that you perceived occurs in this specific Institution (use Project 1 and
2 as a guide)
4- Select one of the forms of stratification highlighted (focus on inter the intersectionalities
of these three) to reflect and analyze the potential ways these (class, race/ethnicity,
and/or gender) can influence inequities within your Institution of choice or how it could
lead to more equitable pr
actices (support your claims with evidence from the content).
5- Share in either a short power point (10 slides: 1 cover page slide, 1 Intro. slide – 5 -7
content slides – 1 concluding slide, 1 slide with some relevant questions for your
audience) or a 3 page double space paper including all your steps above, analysis, and
key findings with an introduction and a conclusion.