Read through the powerpoint attatched:
Write about a relationship that is important to you.
Write about a close friendship that you may currently be in or one that has ended.
The key to producing a solid paper is describing the reasons you value this relationship as expressively as you can. When you make a statement about your friend or relationship, support your claim with evidence (examples of behavior).
If your relationship is a long-standing one, you will have a lot of examples. If the relationship is starting to deteriorate, you should be able to focus on what may be causing the deterioration and potential ways to repair it (whether you intend to restore it or not). If you have chosen to write about a relationship that has ended, you should have a lot of experiences to analyze.
Describe the communication behaviors between you and your relationship partner and relate them to the terminology used in Knapp’s Stages. UNDERLINE EACH STAGE IN YOUR PAPER.
The paper must be at least THREE pages to include a clear introduction and conclusion.
Use a chronological structure for your paper (i.e., organize your essay around the history of your relationship), paying particular attention to the stages of relational development (Knapp’s Staircase model).
You must identify the locations (underline the steps) with examples to support the settings.
As you tell your reader (me) the story of this relationship, refer to the ideas about relationships and communication that you have read in the textbook, such as: listening, stages of a relationship, conflict, self-disclosure, etc.
In your writing, be as specific and vivid as possible. Please help me, as your reader, to understand the meaningfulness of the relationship in the terms we have used in our study of communication.
Describe actual communication behavior, including honest dialogue if necessary, rather than making general feelings. Be only as candid as you feel comfortable being; you do not have to reveal your deepest secrets to do well on this assignment.