1. 4-6 pages NOT including title or reference pages
2. APA format – go to OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab
3. 3 or more references (peer reviewed articles)
**Final Paper Due May 5th
Library: The NJCU Library provides multiple links and resources to increase the efficiency of your literature searches and APA-style formatting. Please contact the library staff for further information.
Writing Center: Writing is a critical skill for every career. The writing center provides one-on-one feedback during 60-minute sessions for all students. Tutors are available to assist you with outlining, organizing, grammar, proofreading, citations, and style of documents at any stage of development.Visit: es
Grammarly: Grammarly, a free writing app, reviews documents for grammar, typos, and style-based writing errors that are not readily detected with word processing software. However, Grammarly should not be considered a substitute for proofreading your assignments.