Review paper: Biodiversity hotspots: A shortcut for a more complicated concept
Biodiversity coldspots (Video, 1:19 mins)
Biodiversity hotspots (Video, 1:14 mins)
free to use additional materials (just make sure you cite your sources)
to build a strong case in favor of one or the other approach to
conservation. View the library’s guide (Links to an external site.) for this course for assistance searching for additional sources. (Login may be required.)
Step 2: Use the Scenario to Craft Your Stance
work for a major NGO as a conservation biologist. One day during lunch
you and a colleague, another conservation biologist, are discussing
whether the company should prioritize its limited funding for either
hotspot conservation or coldspot conservation. You play an important
role in your organization and your input on how to prioritize the
organization’s conservation work is critical. Your colleague has a
similar role and responsibility. You have very strong opinions as to why
funding should be spent on either preserving biodiversity in hotspots
or coldspots.
Prepare to engage in a debate with your colleague on
which strategy the organization should pursue. Choose either hotspot or
coldspot conservation areas as the place for the organization to spend
its money. Prepare a debate for your colleague who takes the opposite
view. In your debate, present arguments with concrete examples for why
your view is the stance, the organization should go with. Your job is to
convince your colleague that your view is the best one and the way that
the organization should move forward. I believe the money should be spent on
Step 3: Create a Video
Each person’s
stand in the debate should be roughly 2 minutes. The thoughtful
questions and conversation should be about 3 minutes. On
why hotspots are of importance.