Students are tasked with demonstrating critical thinking and providing depth and

Students are tasked with demonstrating critical thinking and providing depth and scope in each answer. Students are also graded on grammar and spelling.
Being able to create and execute strategy can be the heart and soul of an organization. We will utilize the organization/company you selected in the module 1 assignment to research the factors shaping decisions in the strategy-making, strategy-execution process, develop or re-develop a mission statement, develop or re-develop a vision statement, and setting objectives.
Question 1
Thompson et al. (2022) share a five-stage model (see figure 2.1) illustrating the need for management to evaluate several external and internal factors/considerations to craft and execute a strategy. Utilize Table 2.1 in the textbook to share two external considerations and also two internal considerations the organization you selected must consider?
Your answers should be thorough and supported using research (cite the textbook and/or another outside source to help support your answers).
Question 2
An organization’s mission statement should identify its present business and purpose (who they are, what they do, and why they are here). Share the mission statement of the organization you selected and analyze how:
It identifies its products and/or services,
It specifies the buyer needs that the organization seeks to satisfy and the customer groups or markets that it serves,
It gives the organization its own identity,
Is the mission statement easy to remember, and
Should the mission statement be updated? Explain why and/or share how you would update the mission statement.
Please utilize the textbook to help support your answer.
Question 3
The vision statement is the aspirations of where the company is going, and its long-term goals or direction.
If the organization you selected already has a vision statement, share the vision statement, and then utilizing table 2.2, explain how the vision statement meets the conditions for an effectively worded vision statement of if the organization you selected does not have a vision statement, then you can write a vision statement (utilize table 2.2),
What would be a good slogan that captures the essence of the vision statement and that could be used to help communicate the vision to company personnel, stakeholders, etc.?

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