The premise of Assignment Two is that you are a would-be first home buyer and ar

The premise of Assignment Two is that you are a would-be first home buyer and are in the market to purchase a home in Auckland. There is a particular property that has caught your eye and will be sold by auction shortly. Although you like the property you don’t know if it is suitable for your new family to reside in. One alternative you are considering is to purchase the same house but as an investment.
Like other buyers active in the local housing market you do not have a real estate agent acting on your behalf so you are doing the due diligence by yourself. As part of your preparation for attending this particular home’s auction, you have decided to conduct your own desktop valuation report to guide how much you should bid on the property.
Complicating your situation, your partner, Sam (Samuel/Samantha), is somewhat skeptical of your plans to purchase this property. Therefore you are compelled to prepare your valuation report so that it is sufficiently credible and persuasive to convince Sam to support your decision to bid for your chosen house at auction.
The valuation report will include an estimate of market value following the cost approach using methods described in Lecture 8 (Determining Market Value) and will involve the use of the current QV Costbuilder, which is available via the UoA Library’s QV Costbuilder database subscription and as a PDF extract of QV Costbuilder on Canvas.
Property address: 15 DUNBARTON DR
Certificate of title: NA118C/892
Legal description: LOT 33 DP 188679
Title type: Freehold
To determine market rents for your subject property, please download the bulk tenancy bond data available here:

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