Self-Assessment Essay answers
these questions: To what extent have I
achieved the course learning objectives this semester? How have I developed as
a writer? How have I grown as a student? Thus, your task is to demonstrate, with evidence, how you’ve developed
as a writer and thinker this semester. You should look back at everything you’ve written this semester.
Evidence may come in the form of a quote or screenshot of your work or through
your retelling of a central learning moment. Your reflections, homework
assignments, and other assignments should serve as valuable sources of
information and provide you with quote-worthy passages. And you should include
in your Portfolio any relevant items that you reference in your Self-Assessment
Your Self-Assessment Essay should be 3-5 pages (12-point font, 1-inch
margins, double spaced) plus any images you choose to include.
Please use MLA citation within the body of your
essay and on a Works Cited page as
Compose a
relative and inviting title for your
I am adding some of the work I have submitted for you to use as evidence.