This is a critical lens literary research paper. I’m supposed to choose from 1 from 4 literary works which include hamlet, beloved, frankenstein and dubliners. Then you are supposed to apply a critical lens such as feminist/gender, Marxist, psychoanalytic, cultural/ethnic, historical, biographical, etc and make an assertion about theme which we define it as message that can be taken away from the text and applied to other thing and then analyze literary devices to support your thesis(which is the theme paired with a critical lens).I have attached a rubric with all of the instructions as well as a sample essay if you needed to see how it would look like. Please try to follow all the instructions inside of the rubric and please don’t plagiarize. I just hired someone last week who just copied stuff from sparknotes. Make sure to also include 3 sources of research that further explains your thesis as stated in the rubric. Also make sure to include aworks cited and make sure to cite quotes.