This is an exam question for Economics of Crime module:
Can changes in sentence
severity affect crime rates? Justify your answer. Discuss the econometric
problems that prevent the identification of the causal effect of interest in a
simple OLS framework. Outline the empirical strategies used to tackle these econometric
problems. Critically discuss the identification strategies and the findings of
the related studies presented during the module. Draw conclusions in your
answer on whether, how, and to what extent, changes in sentence severity can
affect criminal activity.
Please see my attached file for further insturctions on how to complete the assignment. IT IS IMPORTANT
YOU FOLLOW MY PLAN. This is a 24 hours take-away-paper, I have less than 10
hours left, been working on this plan. Therefore, keep in mind that my set
deadline is very strict! This assignment is treated as an unseen examination
and has a strict structure. Please only use the material I provided in this
document (PARAPHRASE PLEASE) and 3 readings that I will attach, please do not use
any other material from the internet.