this is literature review about nursing shortage and importing foreign nurses.
Discuss what is said about this issue in the literature
Describe the importance of the professional issue discussed in the paper. This can be
importance to society, to the nursing profession, to patients, or to health care facilities. Questions to
ask yourself include things like: “What effects will decisions about this issue have on the quality of
nursing care? Or will it affect the quality of nursing education, or patient care outcomes? Or will it
have an impact on the cost of care?” Or in another context, does this issue involve a moral or ethical
issue about which a lot of people are concerned? Who is on each side of the issue? What are the
social effects, and what kinds of effects will decisions have on the side that wins—and on people
who are on the other (losing) side of the issue?
These are the sorts of things that can make issue important, but other factors than these may apply to your topic’s importance.