This is the Holistic Research Paper assignment. You can only do some aspects of holistic health aka Preventive medicine aka Complimentary Medicine
You must deal with the whole picture of something such as a problem like stress or diabetes or you can discuss an idea or practice such as yoga, meditation, veg diet, organic foods, etc. *it must be on some aspect of holistic health*
**Can you please let me know what topic you chose so that I know. **
•MLA format
•3 full pages + works cited page
•3 or so in text-citations per page
•with 3 sources (mixed, like a book, online, newspaper – not all online, be sure to have at least one very important author included
some great doctors/researchers that will be of help: Drs. Oz, Andrew Weil, Joel Fuhrman, Dean Ornish, John McDougal, Thomas Campbell (China Study), Marion Nestle, and more. Some campuses have Natural health magazine
*Thesis example: tell the story of your paper and what will be proven. Don’t forget to have some complexity to your thesis. If it’s too simple, there’s nothing to reach for.
*NOTE: for the first part of the paper you are telling us about the Thing (like yoga or acupuncture or organic foods, or veg diet) and the second part is what the Thing does for us. Another way of conceiving the paper is that you are focusing on a problem in the first part and in the second part how to deal with the problem — like what is stress or diabetes or high blood pressure or sleep issues and how to deal with it.