In this assignment, you will write a critical review of an album by the artist of your choice. Try to pick a new album (from the last several years) from an artist that you are already familiar with, as any existing knowledge will give you perspective when you start criticizing the newer work. The ultimate point of this assignment is for you to give your critical opinion of an album – after all, reviews are for interested, would-be listeners, curious about this new work.
The minimum word count for your review is 300 words, typed and double-spaced. ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TYPED IN BLACK, REGULAR FONT, DOUBLE-SPACED, AND SUBMITTED BY PDF OR DOC VIA THE BLACKBOARD PORTAL.
I suggest dividing up your review into the following outline, but feel free to deviate as needed:
Section One:
contextualize the artist/genre
give historical information about the artist’s previous work and “place” in the music industry (do they belong to a musical movement or sub-genre? are they influential on other artists? are they known for anything in particular? what, if any, were their previous hits or best songs?
Sections Two:
introduce new album (work your way from the general to the specific)
pros and cons of the album (what works for you; what doesn’t? – give specific examples and make reference to individual songs here, even lyrics and musical elements like melody, harmony, texture, instrumentation, production, etc.)
Last Paragraph:
in light of everything you have written up to this point, what are your conclusions?
give your big picture critique here – what does this record mean for the artist and their career; what does it mean for fans and listeners