1. What do you think about Piven and Cloward’s arguments about the usefulness of mass protest movements? Do you think they could achieve the goals that they set for themselves? Do you think there are better ways to bring about social change?
You just need to reply to this discussion in 100 words each.
2. One positive of Mcdonaldization could be the quality of the product. Because its mass produced in large quantities, chances are the products are going to be very similar if not the same so you sort of already know what to expect from said product. However , a negative of Mcdonaldization can be the very basic training people on the workforce recieve. Meaning that the job itselfs requires little to no skills which makes anyone in the workplace replaceable .(100 words)
3. I think that the broad view of these two scholars is realistic. It is a factual and well-massed movement. Indeed, movements can be a source of change in leadership regimes and at the same time bring a diverse change in the fight against poverty. As evidenced in their argument, the great depression mass movement gave American s a positive achievement toward civilization and the acquaintance of desired leaders. I think that mass movements can be a weapon among the poor to regulate their function and engagement in issues of political, economic, and social factors affecting them. There are endless ways you could help in changing your community. You do not even need to do many things like donating millions of dollars. It can really be any small kindness or anything that can help make a change. Examples include posting positive messages on your social media, asking for a change on social media, creating small groups to support you, and volunteering in your community. I believe even the smallest amount of help can make a change in our society today. (100 words)