2. Art Analysis Research Paper
a. A three (3) or more page paper,
excluding endnotes and bibliography. It is an analysis of ONE (1)
of the following artists and paintings (these are in your book. Pick ONE
Raphael, “Transfiguration”
Rembrandt, “Sortie of Captain
Banning aka Night Watch”
Degas, “Dancer in Green”
Hopper, “Nighthawks”
b. For this 3-4 page paper, you will explain, in detail, how the work reflects
the person who created it, and how it exemplifies the specific era in which it
was created. Be sure to name the era. For example, why is “Mona Lisa” so Da
Vinci and Renaissance? This section is worth 25 points, so be explicit! You
must give a brief biography of the artist, as well. You will need to use your
book and outside sources. Be sure to provide a bibliography. Look under Content
for helpful suggestions.
Book source: “Adventures in the Human Spirit” By: Philip E. Bishop