2.- I am planning to get a loan for a house that is $1,000,000 Cad, I have $300,000 Cad in cash that would be my down payment, the yearly rate offered by the bank for the next five years is 3% fixed and the mortgage will run for 25 years, our monthly payments are set to 2,500 Cad a month, the market has seen a 15% growth per year in the value of detached houses in the past five years, though this year the sales of the houses is down 34%, I am not sure if this would be a good investment as the inflation rate today is almost 7%. If I buy the house, I will be saving 1,500 cad monthly as I won’t be paying any rent. My idea is to get into the market and probably sell the house after the first five years, before the re-negotiation of the mortgage rate with the bank.
I wonder how much money I can make at the end of the five years. I was told that you know about discounted cash flows, so I am reaching you to let me know your thoughts about this idea. Should I get into the housing business, Why?
Make a matrix showing the discounted cash flow for the first five years to support your answer, choose the data you need wisely, and use the rest to express your conclusion