Accounting information for management planning, control and decision making through the understanding of costing and budgeting concepts. Students are required to reflect on topics learned and how these provided you with useful skills that you weren’t aware of previously or offered you a different conceptual way to think about accounting and finance matters in business phenomena.Student may use the following learning outcomes to prepare reflective report.
LO1: Demonstrate a critical awareness of how management provides the basic for determining appropriate financial strategies and policies for a company
LO2: Use quantitative models and their independent judgement to analyse financial decisions and recommend feasible options that managers can implement
LO3: Carry out a systematic and detailed analysis of a company’s performance using information from annual reports and accounts, databases and the internet.
LO4: Demonstrate an understanding and use the appropriate analytical techniques to be applied to decisions involving the raising of finance, the use of funds or investment projects and the distribution of funds to investors.