agency paper: the agency your working on is FedCap
name of agency
address of agency
mission statement (is on the website for each agency)
research questions:
1. what population does the agency serve? please discuss the population, what disabilities are involved, and how is the client referred.
2. what age population do they serve?
3. how long has the agency been in existence?
4. are they a profit or non-profit agency?
5. how does one qualify for their services?
6. what languages other than English do the providers speak, and how long does it take to get an interpreter?
7. what services are provided?
8. what insurances do they accept?
9. do they do fundraising?
10. accept donations?
11. is there nearby public transportation?
12. is it wheelchair accessible? Elevators?
13. do they use social media? (Facebook, Twitter, etc) if so how do they showcase their services, draw clients in? Testimonials from current clients?
14. is it evident on their website that diverse populations work there?
15. what are the job opportunities for someone seeking employment in this field?
16. what degrees or certifications would one need to be employed there?
17. would you recommend a client or a family member there, why or why not?