All students are required to write a paper on one of the topics listed below or on a topic of your choice. The essay requires that you research and analyze a question of importance to contemporary American Politics. Your paper should be balanced reviewing both sides of the question and considering the arguments and evidence raised by supporters of both sides. Evaluate the arguments and evidence; then, form you own conclusions and defend them with logical arguments and evidence. Papers will be evaluated both on the quality of ideas, arguments, evidence presented, and organization of the paper. You are not allowed to use Wikipedia at all. BALANCED PAPER OF BOTH ARGUMENTS
Here is a suggestive list of topics in American politics you may want to explore writing about.
-Abortion – focusing on the debate between pro life vs. pro choice
-affirmative Action – focusing on the policy initiatives on this program
-Budget and Taxes – either budget reform or the impact of tax policy on social programs
-Campaign and Political Reform – campaign finance reform and policy
-Crime, Death Penalty, and Drugs – the pros and cons of the death penalty.
-Education – education reform
-Environment – impact of climate change and/or global warming
-Euthanasia (“Right to Die”) – exploring both sides of the sensitive issue of euthanasia.
-Foreign Policy – focusing on the implementation of U.S. foreign policy objectives. Please see me about this issue so we can narrow down which issue of U.S. foreign policy you should focus on.
-Gay Rights – whether or not same sex marriage and/or same sex adoption should be legal.
-Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment – exploring both sides on the gun control debate
-Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization – whether or not legalization/decriminalization of marijuana is a good idea for reform in the war on drugs.