Although not an example of peer-reviewed literature, the attached article nevertheless can help in developing an appreciation of the role learning about the history of psychology plays in the understanding the current issues in the field. In order to explain the role of learning history of psychology in understanding of current direction of the field, students will read the linked article printed in the American Psychological Association (APA) magazine: Don’t Know Much About History, then write a 1-page (minimum) reaction paper answering the following questions:
1. Did the article make a convincing case for studying the history of psychology? Why or why not?
2. What benefit do you see in learning about early philosophers?
3. How can knowledge about the history of psychology help us better understand the field today and where it is going?
To help you develop and practice writing which is consistent with APA guidelines, please utilize the APA Publication Manual and the materials available in Week 0 of the Learning Activities to format your reflection paper accordingly. Your paper should:
1. Include an APA title page (No abstract is necessary for this paper)
2. Follow APA formatting guidelines including using a scholarly tone and spelling/grammar conventions
3. Include in-text citations for all factual information provided and include an APA reference page providing reference information for the cited materials
4. Be well developed, easy to follow, and support all opinions with academic sources (websites are not acceptable).