Analytic Essay
Your analysis will include three (3) things:
Firstly, you will think conceptually, to examine the content of the speech (read like a historian). Ask questions such as the following: “How does the writer discuss the American Dream?”; “What does it mean to be an American?”; “In what condition does the writer consider the state of America to be?”; “What types of threats, challenges, opportunities, or hopes does the orator or poet articulate for the nation?; and so on. Engage with the identity of “America” and the notion of the “American Dream” in your writing. Build your thesis from your observations about the author’s views of America.
Secondly, you will read like an architect of the rhetorical choices the orator or poet makes in constructing the architecture of the writing. Use the question from Bunn’s chapter, “How to Read Like a Writer” (see 80-82) to help you locate some of the choices the author makes. Highlight how the writer makes his argument, attending to tone, style, language choice, imagery, figurative language, etc.
Lastly, identify when the author uses logos, pathos, or ethos in the given parts of their writing. Identify one example of each, and explain how these rhetorical appeals help to cement the overall argument of the author.
Suggested Structure: Intro with Thesis, 1st ❡ Logos (with 1st claim & conceptual/RLW analysis), 2nd ❡ Ethos (with 2nd claim & conceptual/RLW analysis), 3rd ❡ Pathos (with 3rd claim & conceptual/RLW analysis), 4th ❡ Calls for Reform; then Conclusion
Attached file is the speech