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The Evolution of American Families
Is there a universal definition of family?
Does the definition of family change over time?
Does the definition of family vary from culture to culture?
Does the way society define family change the role of the family and what they do for society?
What are some key family roles in an agrarian social structure?
How did gender roles changes in the industrial societal structure?
Maltreatment of Children from a Historical Perspective
1.What are some of the Historical reasons for infanticide?
2.What are some of the Historical reasons for child labor?
3. In what way are children still seen as property?
4. How do modern sexual values act to the detriment of children today?
5. What role do institutions play in abuse of children?
6. We know that the SPCA and SPCC were historically linked but do you think they have anything in common today?
7.There is no universal operational definition of child abuse and neglect today. The concept itself is very complex and the multiple and overlapping institutional definitions challenge the ability of professional helping systems. Consider multiple institutional perspectives and contrast two.
American Childhood as a Social Construct
1.What is a social construct?
2.Why is childhood considered a social construct?
3.How are children seen in the 17th Century?
4.How are children seen in the 18th Century?
5.How are children seen in the 19th Century?
6.How are children seen in the 20th Century?
7.What are some differences between working class and middle class parents in the 20th century.
The Horrors of Child Abuse
How do news accounts depict horror stories of child abuse as if these were the majority of abuse cases?
Who else, besides news media, participate in this statistical misrepresentation of child abuse problem? How specifically?
Why are news audiences primarily in interested in horror stories?
Given the varieties of situations of child abuse that exist, in terms of public policy why is it consequential that news reports about abuse focus on horror stories.
The Social Construction of the “Immoral” Black Mother
Can you identify the thesis, method, and population?
What are the social conditions that lead black mothers to marginalized positions?
Can you give and example of how the Economy, Infrastructure, Education, or Policing lead to marginalized positions?
How do food deserts play a part in marginalizing mother of color?
How does policing black mothers hinder their ability to parent?
What is the rhetoric surrounding young black men?
How is this harmful to young men?
How is this harmful to young women?
How does living in a decaying urban community complicate mothering?
Why do many of the Black women Ritchie interviewed feel powerless as mothers?
Physical Abuse
Discussion Questions (Future Writing Workshop Study Guide)
1.What are paradigms for defining abuse?
2.What are some causes of physical abuse?
3.What are some risk factors for physical abuse?
4.What are some protective factors for physical abuse?
5.What are some tasks abuse parents have not learned?
6.What is Munchausen Syndrome?
7. What is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?
Parents as Pawns
What is the difference between sex and gender?
What is the Method and Sampling design for this article?
Who is the target population?
How was data collected? Both methods.
In what time period is the data collected?
What is the main sampling method?
What type of data is collected?
What is the history of how intersex people are treated by medical care?
How are medical professionals influenced by the gender binary?
How does this create a skewed perspective?
How are Doctors constructing intersex?
What is the problem with defining intersex as a medical emergency?
Why do many parents consent to medically unnecessary procedures?
When or why are parents unlikely to consent to the medical intervention?
Power of Queer Guy Moms Challenging Hetero-Normative Assumptions (Answer your own questions)
Unequal Childhoods
1. Explain the concepts….
Public Family
Private Family
Concerted Cultivation
Natural Growth
2. From a macro-level perspective: how does society perceive the well-being of the American family today?
3. From a micro-level perspective: how do you perceive the well-being of your family is doing today?
4. What are some of the negative consequences of classism in the study of Family dynamics?
1. Identify the Thesis, methods and Findings in the CCF Brief.
2. Explain Social Class-does Concerted Cultivation and how?
3. Explain which Social Class does Natural Growth and how?
4. Explain the positive and negative consequences of each.
5. Do you agree that with what the article said about race, why or why not?
The Picture Perfect Family (Answer your own questions)