As a way of introducing yourselves to the instructor and your peers, please create a draft of your self-introduction full-speech outline (also known as full-sentence). You will submit a final draft with your Self-Introduction Speech recording that is also due as the assignment for this week.
The post should be written in a full-speech outline format and should introduce yourself to the class. To prepare the outline, use the “Example Self-Introduction Full-Sentence Outline” shown in the document attached below. Your outline should have enough content to deliver a 3-5 minute self-introduction speech. This outline should include the following:
Body with transitions between main points
Example Self-Introduction Full-Sentence Outline download [Word Document]
Note: This outline will be due for final grading with your Self-Introduction Speech. Please consider the feedback you receive and decide how to use it to improve upon your outline before you submit the final version with your speech by Sunday night.