Assignment 1 — Sexism
Due date: End of Week 4
Choose two different kinds of magazines
Choose 1 advertisement from each magazine – one depicting males and the other depicting females.
Answer the following questions.
1. Write the name, the author, and the date of the magazine*
2. Identify if the advertisement is about a Male or Female*
3. Write each question followed by your response
a) Is the major character in the ad female or male? If you say a male, tell if a female to play the same role. If you chose a female tell me if a male could play the same role in the ad. Explain Why? or Why not
b) What product is the ad selling?
c) Is this ad targeted to families or individuals? Explain
d) What activity is illustrated in the ad?
e) How does this ad relate to our cultural traditions? Explain
f) Are the individuals portrayed in the ad given an active or passive role? (By active, I mean are they “actively” engaged in an activity of importance, by “passive” I mean is their presence in the ad irrelevant or insignificant to the purpose of the message being given.)
g) What is the message of the ad?
h) What type of gender activity is involved in this advertisement?
i) Is this ad stereotypical of a specific gender? Explain if this ad is portraying sex.
More Instructions
Your paper must have 9 headings and 9 responses for males and 9 headings and 9 responses for females. *Your first page must include the information in numbers 1 and 2 above.
The paper must be no less than 4 pages Follow APA format – include double spacing, the 12-point font, Times Roman, and headings. This assignment is due at the end of week 4. Papers MUST be submitted by 5:00 PM on Sunday evening
Late assignments are not accepted