Book Report Assignment
Social Movements and Social Justice
Sociology/Anthropology 332
You will write a book report on Jane McAlevey’s book, No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age. The objective of this assignment is to help you (i) extend your knowledge of a particular social movement or social movement issue, (ii) identify, analyze, and describe major themes and evidences in social movement literature, (iii) apply sociological theories and concepts in social movement analysis, and (iv) communicate sociological analysis of social movement literature through oral and written expressions, (v), provide useful, theoretically-informed, practical insights and assistance “to “movements that are not moving.”
Overall, your book report should focus on the central argument(s) (thesis) of the book followed by a thorough description of evidence presented in the book to back up the author’s claims. In the introduction of the book report, you will identify the author’s thesis and explain it in your own words. You will include a brief introduction of the topic or the summary of the book to provide a meaningful context for the thesis statement. In your Introduction you will also tell the reader the three distinct pieces of evidence or cases—that is, the three chapters from McAlevey, each one is a case—that you will analyze in your report.
In the next section you will analyze the evidence—the three cases. I recommend providing a heading for each section (Ex: The Chicago Teacher’s Strike) to let the reader know in advance what case you are writing about. In these sections you will provide a review of the case and in the process you will engage the author’s central argument, and argue whether the evidence she has provided supports—or does not support—her central claim.
In the conclusion, provide an overall assessment of the evidence the author provided and whether it backs up the thesis.
Your book report should include the following sections:
I. Title page
II. Introduction
a. Identify the thesis statement
b. Summarize the background of the book/topic, and identify your three pieces of evidence
III. Evidence (Evidence 1, 2, & 3)
a. Describe the evidence
b. Explain how this evidence does or does not support the thesis statement.
c. Identify and apply relevant sociological concepts and theories in the description and explanation
IV. Conclusion
a. Re-state the thesis statement
b. Assess the sociological analysis of evidences and their link to the thesis statement
These following questions may help you to orient your reading and writing.
1. What is your overall opinion of the book? On what basis has this opinion been formulated? What kind of evidence does the author provide to make his or her points?
2. If someone asked what this book is about or what have you learned reading the book, what would you say?
use scientific notation—examples, (McAlevey 2016: 10), (Piven 2006 :15), Nilsen and Cox 2013: 65). You DO NOT need a separate bibliography page.