Choose 1 Data Set from Data Sets for Discussions and the Semester Project and create a Systematic Sample with 35 values. You will be using the sample set you create in future discussions and in the Semester Project. This discussion will be part of Slide 3 in the Semester Project.
Write at least 2 quality sentences explaining what you did and how you did it, so that any other classmate would be able to obtain the same results. Please round all calculations to 4 decimals as needed.
Use your Birth Month Number as your starting place in the set you choose, and your Birth Date as your nth value.
For example:
Quinn was born on April 8th.
They would use 4 for the value to start on and then pick every 8th item from there.
If they had chosen the 2015 Average Annual Number Melanoma, mortality Data Set, the first number would be 41 (Column 4, Row 1), then the next value would be #12 (Column 1, Row 2), which would be 21.
If Quinn does not get the 35 required but runs out of data, they will ‘wrap around’. So if the last number used was 49 (Column 10, Row 9), the next value to use would be 101 (Column 6, Row 1).
Required by Wednesday 11:59PM MT
Recommended Layout:
Data Set Title
At least 2 quality sentence explanation.
List the sample:
Respond to at least 2 classmates. Each must be at least 1 quality on-topic paragraph that advances the discussion mathematically.
Options include, but are not limited to:
1) Share a video from outside the course that helped with one of this weeks topics that may help the classmate to whom you are responding. Explain what part of it you found helpful.
2) Share how you have used one of the topics covered this week in a professional manner.
3) Share how you have used one of the topics covered this week in a personal manner.
4) Share something new you have learned about one of the topics covered this week.