Choose a 200-word passage from a technical article related to your major course of study and addressed to an expert audience. (You can find a technical article on the web by using Google Scholar or the Directory of Open Access Journals. In addition, many federal government agencies publish technical articles and reports on the web.) Rewrite the passage so that it will be clear and interesting to a general reader. Submit the original passage to your instructor along with your revision.
The following passage is an advertisement for a translation service. Revise the passage to make it more appropriate for a multicultural audience. Submit the revision to your instructor.
If your technical documents have to meet the needs of a global market but you find that most translation houses are swamped by the huge volume, fail to accommodate the various languages you require, or fail to make your deadlines, where do you turn?
Well, your search is over. Translations, Inc. provides comprehensive translations in addition to full-service documentation publishing.
We utilize ultrasophisticated translation programs that can translate a page in a blink of an eye. Then our crack linguists comb each document to give it that personalized touch.
Study the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Grant Proposal Guide ( In what important ways does the NSF’s guide differ from the advice provided in this chapter? What accounts for these differences? Present your findings in a 500-word memo to your instructor.