Choose four specific scenes in the film
where a juror directly or indirectly applies one or more of the seven evidentiary forms. I am requiring
an essay that attempts to analyze different jurors (not the same one over and over), and one that
analyzes different kinds of evidence (not the same one or the same few over and over).
here is the link for the film

In the attached files are all the required reference material.
Instructions on how and what the essay needs to include/cover.
as well as an example of an essay body paragraph.
Essay Format.
Intro – 1Paragraph/Page
Body – 3-3.5Paragraphs/Pages
Conclusion-1 Paragraph/Page
Make sure
that you consistently employ the various critical phrases and analytical terms that we have been
applying here in Unit IV,
and to consistently and appropriately quote from the jurors themselves,
from Bowell & Kemp, and from the study-guide (me).
No MLA Work Cited page is required for this
final essay.
Please make sure your work is double-spaced with page numbers and 1-inch margins.
Regarding the critical essay, With respect to the actual examples that you will choose from the film to actively analyze and interpret.
Here are three helpful hints at some fascinating examples that you may want to consider in your essay:
Will you please consider the scene in which juror number nine OBSERVES that old man witness? How juror number nine then indirectly relates his own EXPERIENCE to the old man’s? How he then claims to all the other jurors in the room that HE ALONE knows that old man? Some very fascinating overlapping argumentative evidence at work here!
Will you please consider the scene at the very opening where juror number eight is standing there alone, silently and seriously REFLECTING at the window? How something INSIDE HIM is making him FEEL that something is not right? How he then a little later claims to other jurors in the room that he had a very PECULIAR FEELINGabout the trial? An interesting argumentative evidentiary form is at work here!
Will you please consider the scene where juror number ten questions the honesty and believability of the accused boy on trial for murder because juror number ten knows THE KIND OF person the boy really is? How juror number ten has lived among the boy’s people ALL HIS LIFE, and how to him they are NOTHING BUT NATURAL lairs? He holds a judgment about the characteristic ethnicity of the boy, which makes for a sad but functioning form of argumentative evidence!
In one of these three scenes there is more than one kind of evidentiary form to interpret and analyze. Refer to the sample model critical body paragraph that I provided you —two specific types of argumentative evidence are analyzed in that paragraph. In one of these helpful hint scenes that I am referring you to, the same more or less applies. For the other two, it is just really one evidentiary form.
I provided for you the chapter and I even red-underlined all the pertinent quotes for you—so please make every effort to use them in your essay! If you wonder how to do this, once again refer to the sample model critical body paragraph that I provided you.