Complete a close reading analysis of a section of Quicksand by Nella Larsen. Use the
attached document as a guide for how the completed assignment should look.
Short close readings should:
1. Identify the author, text, and (if necessary) the section of the text you’re
focusing on. For example: Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey, p.97 para. 2 – p.
98 para. 3. If you’re close reading an entire text (a poem, for example), this –
Morgan Parker, “Matt” – will suffice. You do not need to reproduce the text
you’re analyzing.
2. Not incorporate outside criticism. Don’t read what other people have said
about a text. One, the assignment asks for your analysis, not theirs. Two,
whether you want it to or not, other people’s opinions will shape how you
think about the text.
3. Include an argument or claim about the text. This should be in your first
4. Include paragraphs unified around ideas that support your initial claim.
5. Sparingly, judiciously include direct quotation. (Very, very sparingly.)