Description: Pick any city in the world. Write an 8-page paper (max) and create a 10-minute (max) presentation on the city of your choosing. The goal is to provide a clear understanding of the nature of the city. Where is the city? What is it like to live there? What was it like in the past? What challenges await it in the future?
Guiding Notes (suggested elements to include):
Regional map
Local map
Climate, primary languages, population, economic details, important landmarks, infrastructure (transportation, open space, etc)
Founding of city
Significant historical events
Importance of the city
Important figures
Western Tradition
Does the city fall under the “Western” definition as described in the lectures?
Describe why or why not.
Are the built environment characteristics from the lectures present?
Contemporary Issues
Risks & Hazards
Any other relevant issues
Design of presentation
Clear & informative
Pictures and/or infographics (especially in the presentation)
Images from Google street view (or equivalent, like Baidu if you chose a Chinese city)
Presentation technical requirements
Audio & visual is clear, no technological issues
Presentation is concise and does not run too much longer than the 10 minute suggestion
Put all your sources in a slide at the end