Discuss how sex trafficking imacts women from different regions around the world. Analyze this topic from a transnational feminst perspective using relevant theories, arguments and examples provided by the COURSE readings. The topic should comparatively analyze women from at least 3 different nations. Connect the 3 class sources that i will provide, with your external sources. Identify problems and challenges faced by these communities and develop your own analysis in this paper.
6 citations total: 3 from the class readings provided and minimum 3 outside sources, 2 of which should be scholarly journal articles. The third source can be a newspaper or online journal article, a government website or UN, etc. Blog. post or internet site.
Discuss how this topic (sec trafficking) impacts women from 3 different nations.
Include quotes and citation information for all sources you are using in the paper.
7 pages long, typed in Times New Roman, 12-font, double spaced, 1″ margins all around.
Include a works cited page at the end with a list of all the sources you have cited in the paper.
breif introduction should contain the following: clear description of the topic of this paper including the main issues that will be covered in this paper. Mention the main countries and examples you will be looking at within your topic. Your thesis or argument developed from a transnational feminist perspective.