Discussion Information
What Is Your Stance on the Three Basic Issues of Human Development?
Throughout this week’s readings, as well as in all weeks of this course, multiple developmental theories will be reviewed and explored. Freud, Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsky, Bronfenbrenner- Where to start? At the beginning of course!
This discussion will help you to better understand the three basic issues of human development, and to express your viewpoints on some of the controversies in the field of developmental science.
Discussion Topics/Question
First, consider the following four pairs of statements related to some of the basic issues of human development.
PAIR ONE – Choose one
(1A) Development is a continuous, gradual progression, with new abilities, skills, and knowledge gradually added at a relatively uniform pace.
(1B) Development occurs at different rates, alternating between periods of little change and periods of abrupt, rapid change.
PAIR TWO – Choose one
(2A) All humans follow the same general sequence of development.
(2B) Each individual has a unique course of development.
PAIR THREE – Choose one
(3A) Children respond to the world in much the same way as adults. The main difference is that children’s thinking is less sophisticated and complex than adults’.
(3B) Children have unique ways of thinking about and responding to the world that are very different from those of adults.
PAIR FOUR – Choose one
(4A) An individual’s personality is mostly determined by heredity.
(4B) An individual’s personality can be modified through care-giving experiences.
Next, address all of the following in your initial post:
Which statement did you select from each pair?
Explain why you chose each of those statements. What research evidence supports your selection?
If you had to choose a theory that best represents your view of development, as reflected in your statement selections, which would you choose?
How does culture factor into your understanding of human development?