Do research on Health Care systems using the Articles and video below.
Find out information about Health Care Systems in Canada, England, and Russia
1. Analyze the philosophies of the need for health care in the United States and write a summary of n o less than 1 page
2.Investigate the pros and cons of a government-sponsored health care system and write another summary of no less than 1 page
3.Write an essay in no less than 2 pages to compare and contrast the United States healthcare system to the healthcare systems of other countries. Include:
a) the plan(s) you agree with most.
b) the plan(s) you believe would work the best
c) the plan(s) you believe would not work. Provide specific examples.
Important :You need to submit 2 items in a 3-page paper: A summary as outlined in #4 above; and an essay as outlined in #5 above