Each essay is 50 points, and each should be 3 pages (or another page or two longer if you like). For both essays be sure to use quotations from the texts to demonstrate your points.
Please email me your essays by 5:00 Tuesday, May 17.
Essay 1 (50 points) – option A is preferable
Choose EITHER question A or question B.
A. What do you consider the most distinctive feature of Dickinson’s poetry? Develop your thesis by discussing three of her poems.
B. Irony is fundamentally a discrepancy between appearance and reality, and few writers have ever indulged in irony as much as Henry James. What do you think is the central irony in Turn of the Screw, and how does it play itself out over the course of the narrative?
Essay 2 (50 points)
What makes Eugene Gant’s journey in Look Homeward, Angel a Romantic journey? Refer generously to passages in the text to show what you mean.