EACH QUESTION HAS TO BE IN ESSAY FORMAT!!!!! (one page for each questionmust include introduction, body paragraph, and comnclusion).
1-Explain the basic differences between burglary and robbery.
2-Describe the AMBER Alert program.
3-Summarize the primary goals of the criminal investigation.
4-Summarize the warrantless search precedents established by the Randolph, Terry,
Chimel, Riley, Quarles, King, Carroll, Chambers, Hester, Weeks, and Mapp decisions.
5-Understand what the exclusionary rule is, how it affects investigators, and which cases
made it applicable at the federal and state levels.
6-Explain the requisite steps involved in processing physical evidence correctly, from its
discovery through to final disposition.
7- Explain what the Miranda warning is and when it must be given.
8-Explain what field identification is, when it is used, and the rights a suspect has during
such an event.