Each student will submit by the end of this week a 6-8 page paper on a Change Leader topic of your choice that integrates (or sits next to) your project that you identified in week 1 and then built on in week 4.
The paper must include the following
1. In-depth look at the OD & C Leader
Deep dive and knowledge building around the leader. This is a chance to look at the issue first outlined and examine with detail the players in the situation. It could be leadership that haven’t assumed the role of change leaders, it could be selecting and designing change leaders for examples. More examples include: OD consulting competencies, tactics or strategies, building relationships with the client, or approaches for dealing with organizational culture, etc.
2. Integration with your individual project identified in from week 1 & 4 (i.e, you must explain how your topic relates to your project). It shouldn’t be a copy paste at this stage, but more a distillation and summary of the case, relevant details and the leader’s competencies or intentionality etc.
The assignment needs to be written in Microsoft WORD, double-spaced, Times New Roman, using 12 font. Graduate writing standards require all papers to be proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
*Please rewrite paper*
There are 15 used sources that are cited and make this piece only 35% of your own work. I cannot grade it as such, please rewrite in your own words and resubmit. It also misses the second part of this assignment where you integrate the leader aspects into you week 1 week 4 project. Let me know if questions,