During the tutoring session, the following areas were covered:
The English 101 assignment is on the right track with the amount of detail provided.
To strengthen your paper, please be sure to address the following points:
There were two paragraphs we discussed revising in order to include their relevance to the thesis. These were on pregnancy and rehabilitation. Include a statement connecting these to the thesis statement.
We edited your thesis to reflect your topic.
MLA does not require headings for your paragraphs. However, if your professor requires headings, leave them in.
Use in-text citations for the data you borrow.
We discussed including a concluding paragraph in the essay as well as its structure.
You might refer to the following links for additional support:
Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA format: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/mla_style/mla_style_introduction.html
MLA Style Center:
With each writing assignment you have submitted this semester, you have made claims based upon your current location. Making claims has caused you to examine your ideas and your classmates’ ideas.
In your final essay with research component, you will make a claim that falls under the broader theme of Race, Class, Gender OR Sexuality. Your goal is to narrow your focus into a workable claim.
As you begin the writing process, by gathering ideas for your paper, think about the assignments you have read and submitted up to this point.
As you work with your claim, you will weigh conflicting ideas. You will also make judgments about the nature of evidence and the procedures of investigation. Throughout the final essay process, you will work to write your ideas clearly, accurately, and honestly.
Trust the power of your words to make a valid and meaningful claim about the ideas you have been studying this semester.
Must meet the minimum page limit – 4 Full Pages. Must reach the bottom of the 4th page for it to count as 4 Full Pages. Anything shorter than 4 Full Pages will be returned to you with a zero grade. Maximum length is 6 Full Pages.
Must be in accurate MLA format, including a Works Cited – Works Cited is the 5th Do not separate the Works Cited from the body of your work. Missing Works Cited Page or a Works Cited Page that is turned in late will equal one letter grade off overall Final Essay total.
Must include a minimum of four scholarly sources.
Three of your sources must come from SBVC’s Library Databases.
The articles/books you select must be current—dated in the 2000’s. Classic works may be used with prior approval.
You may use one government (.gov) and / or one education (.edu) website in your research.
You may also use one interview, one piece of film, a song, a poem, or other creative source with prior approval.
You may not use any .com websites or dictionaries as sources. Scholarly encyclopedias are acceptable.
Unity: Stay on topic. Do not include irrelevant information.
Order: Present your thesis early in the essay followed by reasons and support.
Coherence: Connect ideas smoothly. Use suitable transitional words & phrases & topic sentences.
Completeness: Be thorough.
Grammar: Proofread for run-ons, fragments, verb errors, etc. Use a formal tone. Slang and overly casual or rude tones are inappropriate. Exclamation marks are also inappropriate.
An Important Note on Point of View: Because you are the researcher, write your essay in Third Person Narration (he / she / it / they / them / their). You may use First Person Narration (Autobiographical I) in your Introduction and Conclusion (Not in Body Paragraphs) if you have a personal anecdote to share that is an important springboard for your research. Otherwise leave it out completely. No: In my essay, I think, I feel, I believe, In my strong opinion, etc. You may use Second Person Narration (You) in quoted material but not to address the audience (No: You can see how race has impacted this community. You will learn about how this community helped stop human trafficking).