Every day, we learn more and more about ourselves. Sometimes what people tell us isn’t what we want to hear. We soak up, deny, or question feedback we receive about ourselves. How does this feedback influence you, your behavior, and your opinion of the person? Does the impact of the feedback change if you have known the person for a long time? Over the course of the next 8wks, gather various pieces of feedback you receive about yourself (at least 10). Set them up in a sheet with columns containing:
A) Feedback (“I like your shirt, ” “You shouldn’t act up in class, ” You are such a goofball!” You are SUCH a slob”). Comments such as “clean up that table” or “Excuse me” are NOT feedback.
B) Rate the feedback as (+) (N) (-) –you might find that the same feedback differs in rating depending on who it’s from
C) Source of the Feedback (Who said it)
D) How long have you known the source of the feedback?
E) How did the feedback influence your behavior (e.g., did you feel guilty, did you not like the person, did you feel stupid, did you appreciate the feedback, did it make you smile, did you feel like a loser, get defensive, were your feelings hurt?).
Enclose the observation sheet and write about three pages minimum about how you present yourself and how you react to feedback. What have you learned about yourself from this project? How do you think other people react when you give them feedback?
Be sure to tie your ideas to concepts in the textbook and include page references. Use MLA format writing on this assignment