Explain the logistics involved with producing iphones in China that you might purchase from AT&T. List the most probably types of transportation, time estimates and all probable nodes / steps / stops involved, and the most likely packaging for the phones (individual, box, pallet, etc)
What is a 3PL?
Describe 2 types of quantifiable and 2 types of qualifiable data that a bakery might use to forecast for the next 2 months.
Give me an example of an instance where a large forecast error could be extremely costly to a company.
For your computer manufacturer, name 2 parts that would be considered A inventory, 2 B inventory classification and 2 C inventory parts and a short description of why they fit in that category.
If you establish a home, give 2-3 examples of inventory you might buy weekly and why that is the optimal interval, 2-3 you would buy monthly and why that is the optimal interval, and 2-3 you might buy quarterly or as-needed and why that frequency. What would the holding costs be for these items (rough estimate with explanation of the kinds of cost included).
Describe the core factors of Lean and how you can or do use them in your own life.
Describe a recent situation in which you experienced high quality (product or service), and why you assess it as positive, and how the producer could sustain that level of quality and another example where you experienced poor product or service quality and how the provider might improve for future customers.