For this Assignment, you will apply what you have learned in this class to a real-world example. Together with Assignment 2, this fulfills the requirement for this class to count towards your General Education requirement.
Your audience are your classmates.
Use the article provided and what you have learned in this class to write a 3-page essay on the effects of covid-19 on Africans, addressing all of the prompts.
Important note: You are NOT expected to do further research – the goal is for you to apply what you have learned in this class to explain what has been happening in Africa.
Getting the Article
The Economist (February 4, 2022). “Just keep us alive: Covid-19 has pushed governments to find new ways to help the poor”.
You can assess this article at
Format Requirements
12 point font
1-inch margins
3 pages maximum
Use separate headers for the different prompts
Word document
Correct spelling and grammar
Do not use quotes – use your own words (but cite your sources, see more below)
Components and Grading
Follow all format requirements above
Address all of the prompts below, preferably in the order provided
The rubric is available by clicking on “show rubric” either on the top or the bottom of the Final Paper Submission link page, depending on your screen size.
Academic Integrity
Do not use any materials other than this article, class materials (slides, notes), and the reading and listening materials that I have posted for this class.
Cite all of your sources. In this case, since most of your discussion is based on The Economist article, it is sufficient if you make this clear at the beginning. For this assignment, you do not have to cite the course materials from your professor (slides, lecture notes), but you should cite any of the other materials if you use them.
How to cite: Whenever you have used a source, add the author’s name and year of publication in parenthesis, e.g. (Duflo 2021).
At the end of your assignment, provide a reference section. You can follow any guidelines for the references (e. g., Chicago Style) as long as you are consistent.
Prompts (required components)
Introduce your essay with a couple of sentences identifying the article’s general topic and summarizing its main points as they relate to the topic of this assignment.
Discuss the role poverty and inequality have played in the implementation and the success of policies aimed at mitigating the effects of covid-19 on the poor in African countries.
Discuss the role of data (and lack thereof) for the success of anti-poverty programs.
How may have these additional cash transfer affected the “scarcity mindset” of the poor?
Based on the Solow Model and the article, how do you expect the additional cash transfers during covid-19 to affect steady-state income per capita and economic growth (compared to a situation without those transfers)? [This is hypothetical – be creative!]
Based on the AK Model of Endogenous Growth and the article, how do you expect covid-19 to affect economic growth (compared to a situation without those transfers)?[This is hypothetical – be creative!]
Conclude your essay with a very brief summary.
In your work, show me you can:
Understand a magazine article on a topic in Development Economics and summarize it in the context of an assignment.
Coherently communicate economic ideas to other students.
Apply concepts learned in class to a new question.
Write an error-free, coherent essay of three pages.
Good writing takes time – start early, draft an outline, and make sure your arguments are sound, succinct, and based on the models and material discussed in class. Allocate sufficient time to work on your writing.
Make sure to use the correct economic terms.
You do not need to explain the Solow model, the endogenous growth model, or the scarcity mindset. Remember your audience.