For this final paper, I want you to imagine you’ve been hired by Will Allen’s non-profit Growing Power to
coordinate service-learning activities between urban gardens in poorer neighborhoods and area colleges
and universities. The college and universities you will be working with will run the gambit from
community colleges to private, expensive liberal arts colleges. Your job is to prepare a power point
presentation that will be delivered to college students prior to their coming to the community gardens
to help out. You power point presentation MUST include a title page which lists a sensible title for this
project, along with your name and the job title Higher Education Liaison for Growing Power.
After this, you may add up to NINE additional slides that utilize concepts, ideas, insights (etc.) from
weeks 11-14 that you think would be useful in helping these students interact with residents from
poorer neighborhoods who work in and/or purchase produce from community gardens. Use at least
ONE visual per concept, idea, insight (etc.). You may take up to TWO slides to discuss any concept, idea,
insight. One of these slides can JUST be a visual, provided it is a useful and sensible one.