For this Signature Assignment, identify a management problem of your choice that affects criminal justice organizations (police, courts, or corrections) and the community. As the manager or formal leader of the agency, you will provide a white paper supported by relevant and scholarly literature, to the deciding group over the agency (i.e., city council for the police department, state legislature for a state agency, or federal agency head for a federal prison or agency) using the following format:
Identify and clearly define the problem.
Identify and clearly define the preferred outcome.
Devise approaches to secure change by defining one item in each of these three strategies:
Leadership or management
Explain why the strategies were chosen.
Develop an action plan accentuated through management, leadership, communication, and motivation (the above strategies).
Propose the best way to implement the three above strategies in a convincing and realistic manner.
Design customer-oriented criminal justice services.
Explain how you will make use of the stakeholder in the service delivery to keep costs of this service down. Review page 469 of the Allen & Sawhney for examples and further explanations.
Address the implications for the suggested change.
Present the possible outcomes, both positive and negative (pros and cons).
Address the possibility of resistance and how your proposal will overcome the resistance.