For your final, create a college research presentation (utilizing the other parts of this project you’ve worked on previously), use scholarly sources to make an argument, and place your analysis within a broader historical/sociological/cultural framework by citing texts from the course readings.
This presentation can be on Google Slides, PowerPoint, or a document containing your points and sources. You MUST include a bibliography.
Please record yourself giving the presentation, and upload it to Classes for complete credit. If you wish to share with your classmates, there will be a discussion board open for you to upload your presentation as well.
● 12 pt font
● MLA, or Chicago Turabian Style Citations
● Subject within the course’s scope, with references to course content
● Clear and concise thesis and argument supported with analysis and evidence
● At least 5 (scholarly) sources in support of your thesis , 5-6 slides minimum
● Bibliography included