During the semester there are four news article reviews that are due – one for each unit of study. The assignment covers the following areas:
Article 2 – Policing – covers topics in chapters 4, 5, and 6
One article is due for each unit of study, the topic may be selected from any of the chapters indicated. The article reviewed may not be older than 30 days and must originate from the print or electronic versions of the Los Angeles Times, San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, or Pasadena Star News. It is recommended that students use the National Newspapers Expanded or Newspapers Source Plus data bases available through the Citrus College Library to locate articles for this assignment. Assistance is available at the Reference Desk in the Library. Professional journals, law enforcement websites, or other news sources may not be used for this assignment.
Articles related to the administration of justice in California are preferred. International articles will not receive credit.
The articles will be submitted in a modified APA format through a quiz format in Canvas. The quiz will have five “questions.”
In question 1, you will develop a cover page.
In question 2 you will prepare an abstract which summarizes the article in your own words in 250 words or less.
In question 3, you will prepare an analysis of your article that identifies the topic you have selected, the chapter where this topic is discussed in the textbook, and a brief statement identifying the connection between the article and the topic in 250 words or less.
In question 4 you will provide reference material in APA format identifying the source of the article you selected and provide an active link to the article if an electronic version is used as a source. If you use a print version, scan the article and post it below the reference material.
In question 5 you will post an active link to your article or you may copy and paste a copy of the article from an electronic source or scan and paste a copy of of the article from a print source.
See News Articles in the files.
The article MUST come from one of four assigned news sources – Los Angeles Times. San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star News, or Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. A 10 point deduction will be applied for other news sources.
International articles do not receive credit – the article must cover an event within the United States justice system.
Material must be provided in text form in the areas provided in the areas provided. Google Docs or other links to your written work are not accepted inside Canvas or through email. The ONLY link accepted is in the area provided for the link to your article which must go directly to the article, not another document.
This assignment/quiz has four sections which are described below. The descriptions are repeated in the individual areas for your response.
Provide information that would be displayed on the cover page of of a research paper prepared in American Psychological Association (APA) format. We emphasize APA format because that is the writing style required in Criminal Justice courses at the California State University campuses. The faculty of the CSU system has requested that we begin preparation for the transfer process by using this format in our courses.
The information should include:
A “Running Head” (a brief description of what your article discusses in 50 CHARACTERS or less – a space or punctuation (comma, colon, semi-colon etc) counts as a character). This header would be displayed on each page in the upper left side of the page. For example, if your article discusses a shooting that occurred at a party, the running head may be “One killed, two injured in shooting” – this helps a prospective reader decide if they want to read the paper.
The page number – this is simple for a cover page – it will always be page 1. The page number is displayed in the upper right side of the page. APA format calls for just the number – DO NOT include the word page or your name, that is Modern Language Association (MLA) format.
The COMPLETE headline for your article – This will typically be longer than the running head. For the example above, the full headline may be “Teen killed and two taken to hospital following gang related party shooting in Long Beach. The headline (or title of your report if you were completing a research paper) is displayed in the center of the cover page.
Your name – displayed in the center of the page below the Headline/topic
The institution or school you are affiliated with (HINT: Citrus College) – Displayed under your name. APA is a professional writing format for many research papers. It is important to know the background of the author for credibility in some cases. Would you be more inclined to read an article regarding the Covid-19 virus written by a person connected with the center for Disease Control (CDC) rather than the personal/political opinion of a person affiliated with a community group?
These guidelines are based on version six of APA guidelines. Version 7 has been published and is being distributed with some variations. Stay with the above guidelines for your paper.
Prove an abstract (summary) of the news article in your own words – DO NOT copy and paste the news article in this area.
The information should include:
Running Head (upper left)
Page number (upper right)
A heading of ABSTRACT centered above the paragraph described below
A brief summary of the article in your own words. Think back to K-12 writing; this should include the “who, what, where, when, and how” elements of the article. Using the example from the cover page, where did the shooting occur, when did it occur (is it a current incident or is this a follow-up story), what happened (participants at a party became engaged in an argument, uninvited guests arrived etc), how did it occur (shooting started with shots being exchanged by both sides, victim was targeted), police and fire responded – one person dead at scene or died later. Help the reader understand the entire incident.
The abstract SHOULD NOT exceed 250 words. There is a word counter provided in this system – use it.
Identify a connection between your news article and textbook material discussed in Chapter 1, 2, or 3 – DO NOT repeat your summary of the news article or provide a detailed discussion of the incident in this area. You only need to provide ONE connection with textbook material. Do not overthink this assignment and struggle to find multiple connections – keep it simple.
The information should include:
Running Head (upper left)
Page number (upper right)
A heading of ANALYSIS centered above the paragraph described below
A brief description of the article in your own words of how the article relates to material in the textbook. I will evaluate the connection based on four elements
CHAPTER – which chapter does this news article relate to? It must relate to Chapter 1, 2, or 3 for this assignment.
TOPIC – which major heading (topic) listed in the chapter does the article relate to?
CONNECTION – describe how the article connects to the topic
In the example we have been using, the analysis may be as simple as:
This article relates to Chapter 2 regarding the topic of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. Murder is one of the eight Part 1 Offenses identified in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. Murder is the unlawful killing of one human being by another.
Note that the analysis DID NOT repeat specific information regarding the details of the incident discussed in the news article. The intent of this area is for you to make the topical connection with text materials – one of our Student Learning Outcomes – connecting text material to real world examples.
This same article has a connection to Chapter 3 where we will discuss Types of Law (p 65) since murder is a criminal law violation and General Categories of Crime (p 66-67) since murder is a felony violation. You can choose any ONE connection to complete this portion of the assignment. You are not going to impress me or earn extra points by providing multiple connections and you will increase the possibility of making an incorrect connection – keep it simple.
The analysis SHOULD NOT exceed 250 words. There is a word counter provided in this system – use it.
Identify the source of your article in APA format. You may wish to use a “citation generator” program available online to assist you in properly formatting your citation or simply look up the format and create it yourself.
Include an active (live) link to your article or copy and paste it below the citation if you obtain it electronically.