help other distance education students by illustrating your process by balancing your time and managing your schedule you’ll revise and reorganize your prewriting to create an essay that could help other students manage the challenges they may face when taking online courses you also give them hope that they can manage their time effectively to accomplish everything they want components of the essay process analysis an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that addresses the purpose of the essay 324 body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences and clearly relate to and support the thesis statement as well as combined elements from The Narrative and process pre writing paragraphs a conclusion that reinforces the thesis statement in this of the essay tips for transitioning from the prewriting exam to the formal essay since the prewriting exam was only two paragraphs you need to do more than just revised it and break the information I just bought our progress will rewrite reorganize and expand upon many of your ideas to form a complete essay remember the essay is organized differently than the prewriting since I last phase consists of an introduction paragraph bodies and conclusion first look at the second paragraph of your prewriting sand and see if any of the strategies or tools you use to help you manage any of the sections of paragraph make a list of the strategies are tools and right next to each of the areas of your life it helps manage homeschool and or work and how you use the strategy article write your thesis statement this thesis statement should explain the purpose of the essay to tell other students what tools and strategies you use for managing your schedule and include at least three strategies or tools such as a calendar planner delegating responsibility and so on each body paragraph should focus on explaining one strategy or tool you use to balance your studies with your other responsibilities if your three tools you’ll have at least three body paragraphs within each body paragraph explain the strategy / tool and why you need to use it incorporates specific personal example from paragraph one of the prewriting by using narration and or illustration to explain how you use each strategy tool and what areas of your life that helps manage the conclusion should paraphrase the thesis and bring the essay to is satisfying close