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As you have learned during the semester, the best way to understand the past is through the examination of primary sources. This project consists in interpreting a number of primary sources on the French Revolution. This assignment requires you to analyze the evidence to understand who participated in the storming of the Bastille and why.
For centuries historians held that the lowest and most criminal elements comprised the crowd that stormed the Bastille. Indeed, eighteenth-century French police records refer to the crowd that stormed the Bastille on July 14th, 1789, as “the scum of the people.”
The following sources have been selected to present you with a wide variety of the documents that historians use to advance their research and knowledge of historical events. Analyzing these sources will allow you to explain if the Paris police characterization of the people who stormed the Bastille as “the scum of the people” is an accurate interpretation.
To revise this interpretation, you should answer the following questions:
Which social groups participated in the storming of the Bastille?
Why were these groups particularly angry by mid-July 1789?
The documents and their descriptions have also been copied in a Power Point Presentation.
The last years of the eighteenth century were a time of great upheaval. A series of revolutions challenged the old order of kings and aristocrats. Ideas of freedom and liberty flourished and spread. The revolution began in North America in 1775 then, in 1789, France, the largest and more influential country in Europe, became the leading revolutionary nation. A number of events led to demonstrations in Paris during July 1789. See Lecture Week 15
As disorder grew, on the morning of July 14th a crowd of ca 800 persons forced its way into an army barrack and seized the 32,000 muskets that were stored there. But muskets needed gunpowder and musket balls. These were kept inside the fortress of the Bastille. The crowd marched towards the Bastille, which was defended by a small group of soldiers. Around 1:30pm, the crowd attacked the fortress. By 5:00 pm the Bastille and its supplies had fallen to the crowd.