History 304 – From Hamilton to Mickey Mouse: The Politics of
Innovation in American History
Assignment: Critical
Thinking Project
Primary Source Assessment: 15%. Students
will select the primary artifact (text, item, piece of art, scientific
invention) from their dispute described in the topic, and write a concise (two
page) analysis. This analysis of one source should rely on the five w’s and 3
c’s as discussed in class. It will be a primary artifact (an object from the
eighteenth, nineteenth, or twentieth centuries) that relates to the development
of intellectual property.
Final Paper: 30%
Due May 13, 2022. Building on the topic described in your topic and the primary
source assessment, you will write an argument (or thesis) based paper in which
your thesis argues a unique perspective on the history of innovation and
politics. As stated on the syllabus and under the proposal, students will
produce a 5-page essay that closely examines the innovations of one individual
(artist, scientist, creative worker) in American history) and how one creative
thing/process/practice they made became the subject of a copyright or
intellectual property episode. Students will conclude by arguing whether or not
the political context (either big P politics, i.e. government/the law, or
little p politics, i.e. reputation, public opinion, political culture) of their
expression influenced the creation and/or episode. Examples of this will be
given during lecture throughout the semester, modeled in our discussions. This
argument should be connected to your thesis. Some parameters:
Tips on writing a thesis statement:
Your paper should be at least 5 (but no more
than 7) pages, 12 font, double-spaced. It should contain a minimum of four sources.
Once again the 5’s – who, what, where, when,
why, and how – as well as the three C’s – clarity, context, chronology – can be
useful for organization.
The final paper serves as your Critical Thinking Core Signature
Assignment: The assignment listed in
this section must be uploaded to your Taskstream e-Portfolio under CORE SLO # 3
and you MUST post an accompanying set of reflections about the work to your
e-Portfolio as well.